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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Those familiar with McCaffrey and Scarborough's first SF trilogy about life on the sentient planet Petaybee will best.
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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews "Those familiar with McCaffrey and Scarborough's first SF trilogy about life on the sentient planet Petaybee will best appreciate this solid start of a new series, which picks up where Power Play left off Our Awards Booktopia's Charities.

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Meanwhile Petaybee is changing - and much faster than an ordinary planet's natural evolution. It appears that portions of the sea are heating up and a landmass is suddenly rising from the depths. To investigate the startling occurrence, Sean heads out to the open water in his seal form.

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  7. But the newly unstable region holds untold mysteries - and the potential for disaster. Fast-paced adventure". Furthermore, to the Celtic and Inuit lore that informed the first trilogy, McCaffrey and Scarborough now add elements of the mythology and lore of Earth's South Sea Islanders". Anne McCaffrey, the Hugo Award-winning author of the bestselling Dragonriders of Pern novels, is one of science fiction's most popular authors. Visit the author's website at www.

    She has co-authored eight other novels with Anne McCaffrey. She lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more. By signing up, I confirm that I'm over View all newsletter. Paperback Books Categories. Yana chewed quickly but deliberately, thinking hard. It should also tell the world what the child is all about.

    Will the babies be transforming every time they get into water?

    Changelings (The Twins of Petaybee, Book 1)

    Any water? But I had no da to show me the way, and they do. And the four-foots will watch to make sure no outsiders come close enough to learn more than they should. She hated bringing up such worries on what should be a flawlessly happy day. Clodagh shrugged. She rubbed it. The cats do converse. We just have to make it plain to them how dangerous it would be for the kids to be caught half in, half out. Like I was.

    For now your biggest problem is to decide what these babes of yours are to be called. You and Yana should sleep while you have the chance. The babies whimpered and wiggled. They pricked to attention. The kits had awakened. Both cats stretched and rose, poking their noses over the sides of the cots.

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    Where are those humans when you need them? This arrangement keeps the nest clean but the cubs dirty. But take care with fang and claw. Humans, lacking proper coats, have very sensitive hides. The kit stopped whimpering. He looked at it anxiously lest it was merely saving its breath for a good howl, but it was staring at him, wideeyed and curious. Disconcerting, these human younglings, born with their eyes all open and gawking. Tickles, one of them—the female? No, child, I am Nanook, your keeper. Your mother sleeps.

    Changelings: Book One of the Twins of Petaybee

    And this one is Coaxtl, also your keeper. The female kit was also transmitting thoughts. Co-ax-tl, the snow leopard said with a dignified fluff of her tufted cheeks. You may as well get it right to begin with, youngling. Nanook sat back on his haunches. The harness was too close to the tender skin. The drums call. The time has come to wake the parents. They can cope with haunch harnesses.

    The drums have begun and the babes are hungry again. He had been so good, getting up to change the babies during the night and tucking them in with her so she could breast-feed without disturbing her rest unduly. She attempted to roll out of bed with her customary agility, only to find it sadly lacking. The birthing had not felt too traumatic, thanks to the underwater method Clodagh had employed to ease the way of the children into the world. But what pain had been spared her yesterday seemed to be catching up with her now.

    A muted buzz went off in the adjoining cube, which was the main office of the Shongilis. Sean paused halfway to the nursery cube, waiting until a second mechanical noise clicked in. This was not the latest or most up-to-date answering machine, but it was the one that worked on their planet. One com shed could no longer handle all of the messages, now that Intergal communications had pulled out when Space Base was dismantled. The landing area and fueling station had been left intact, and for a small consideration and a trade agreement regarding the fuel for visiting vessels, Kilcoole was allowed to retain it as a civilian concession.

    Nanook joined the snow leopard, and the two stood by the door until Sean retraced his steps and opened it for them to go out. The blast of cold air that blew in when the cats departed chilled the overheated room that had been so efficiently warmed by the woodstove and the hot burning Petaybean alder wood. The nursery cube, like the office cube also attached to the cabin, had its own temperatureand humidity-controlled environment, which was why they had chosen it for the twins, in spite of its lack of the individuality that characterized Petaybean dwellings.

    Both twins were wide awake and smelly. The little girl held up a fist full of white fur. Coaxtl is a friend. Sean held the boy and walked him around the cabin, talking to him while Yana fed her daughter. Then they switched babies. Finally the little ones were fed, changed, rediapered, and swaddled in clean furs. Yana had finished washing up and pulled on a pair of old uniform trousers and a fleece top when someone knocked on the door.

    Coaxtl considered Aoifa her two-legged cub.