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Dancing Queen is a British romantic comedy film starring Rik Mayall and Helena Bonham Carter. It follows the misfortune of Neil (Mayall), a bridegroom.
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Set on the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi, Mamma Mia!

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The movie unfolds during the hectic 48 hours that follow as Donna reconnects with her long lost loves, Sophie rushes to the altar, and the fatherly mystery begins to unravel. Jukebox musicals have a not entirely unfair reputation for being lowest common denominator entertainment.


Stringing together a cohesive plot around a set of pre-existing songs is the sort of thing that sounds easier than it actually is. Instead, the musical anchors itself around the idea of love in all its forms. And the musical ultimately delivers a lovely message about not rushing into youthful commitment but also not giving up on the possibility of finding true love at any age.

But Mamma Mia! As broad as her script can be, Johnson has a real knack for efficiently establishing relationship dynamics through realistic dialogue. Johnson also cleverly updates a few ABBA songs by changing their contexts rather than their lyrics. Plus, Baranski just about steals the movie while delivering it.

Given that the success of the stage show coincided with the movie musical renaissance of the early s, it was a virtual certainty that the musical would eventually be adapted for the big screen. But Craymer held out for an offer that would allow her to maintain creative control of the project rather than just selling off the rights. But it broke the mold a bit by keeping the same writing and directing team for both mediums.

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  • You can dance, you can jive, you can love Mamma Mia! without feeling embarrassed.

The Producers movie musical adaptation did the same, to much weaker ends. Both Johnson and director Phyllida Lloyd made their feature film debuts on the project, ensuring that—for better or for worse—the Mamma Mia!

7 Places In Greece Every 'Mamma Mia!' Fan Should Visit, Because Here We Go Again

But unlike Producers director Susan Stroman, who was too attached to her original stage-bound version , Lloyd proved more than willing to adjust Mamma Mia! Though Mamma Mia! Talk about an anti-patriarchal dream. Lloyd tackles the age-old question of how to blend the heightened theatricality of a musical with the intimacy of film by just kind of going for it. One minute the movie is a low-key comedy unfolding against a beautiful Grecian backdrop.

Dancing Queen

The next, Meryl Streep is writhing around on a roof belting the titular song as a literal Greek chorus backs her up. In tone , Mamma Mia!

Dancing Queen TV/Movie Montage

She also has the best singing voice of the bunch. In fact, worldwide, Mamma Mia! The fact that Mamma Mia! Yet despite clearly connecting with a huge audience both on stage and on screen, Mamma Mia! And that seems wildly unfair. No, really. Can someone turn the music down? Seriously, who wanted this? Well, Cher, we guess, wanted it, maybe to buy a new yacht or fulfil some label requirement. Here We Go Again. Cher takes them all very, very seriously, like they were tunes by Stephen Sondheim instead of frothy disco songs.

Only one song, One of Us , the final one on the album, reinterprets the original into something somewhat stirring and thoughtful. The cleverness of the Mamma Mia! Please, Cher, go ahead and do an acoustic version or even a punk take of the Abba catalogue. But Dancing Queen — except for one song — has nothing new to say and simply reeks with the appalling stench of greed.

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