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The Hadrumal Crisis: Dangerous Waters (1) (The Hardrumal Crisis) [Juliet E. McKenna] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Archmage .
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Juliet McKenna. Archived from the original on 22 December Solaris Books. Butler Science Fiction Studies. Luna Press Publishing.

Dangerous Waters (The Hadrumal Crisis, #1)

I just want to be a successful writer". The New Statesman. James White Award. Retrieved 2 June Locus Online.

The Guardian. Albedo One. Retrieved 1 June Archived from the original on 4 February The telegraph and argus. Birmingham Evening Mail. Archived from the original on 25 July An Abiding fascination with other worlds and their peoples played its part in her subsequently reading Classics at St.

Hilda's College, Oxford. After combining bookselling and motherhood for a couple of years, she now fits in her writing around her family and vice versa. She lives with her husband and children in West Oxfordshire, England.

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By Juliet E McKenna. A few stones falling in the right place can set a landslide in motion. But who can predict the chaos that follows such a cataclysm? Some will survive against all the odds; friends and foes alike. Hope and alliances will be shattered beyond repair.

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Unforeseen consequences bring undeserved grief as well as unexpected rewards. Necessity forces uneasy compromise as well as perilous defiance. Wreaking havoc is swift and easy. Building a lasting peace may yet prove an insuperable challenge! Those exiles and rebels determined to bring peace to Lescar discover the true cost of war.

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Courage and friendships are tested to breaking point. Who will pay such heartbreaking penalties for their boldness? Who will pay the ultimate price? The dukes of Lescar aren't about to give up their wealth and power without a fight. They won't pass up any chance to advance their own interests either, if one of their rivals suffers in all this upheaval.

Sorcery, mercenaries, and the little people rising up against their oppressors. I mean, what more could you want?

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In a world where magic is banned, what protection is there for the innocent against murderous roving corsairs? The first book in a stunning new fantasy series, with Dangerous Waters renowned author Juliet E. The Caladhrian Coast is a rich new world filled with pirates and politics, rogue wizards and adventure. This is the perfect point to join a new fantasy series from an increasingly dominant voice in the genre.