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This is a story just about that, and how I learned that you don't have to wait until the third act of your life for editing. There is renewal, practicality.
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Stop getting junk mail sent to your house. Move closer to your aging parents. Move in with your aging parents. Move closer to your adult children. Move to a community where people are more focused on being involved in the community. Join a community or church group.

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Get involved in your community. For 3, cut back on all spending and materialism. Live in a smaller house, walk instead of drive, wear fewer clothes, drive older cars, buy second-hand goods, and so on. Here are 8: Edit your possessions. Go through your closets, drawers, file cabinets. Toss it, recycle it or, better yet, give it away, get a receipt and use it as a tax break.

Is your stuff too expensive to give away? Sell it and make some money. When you do buy, buy high quality stuff you like and will use. Okay, so this might sound a bit contradictory, but sometimes the way to save money is to spend it. Get rid of your books. Few things take up space like books, and eReaders have come a long way, and dropped way down in price; e. Want something cheaper, download a free Kindle app that allows you to read on your phone or computer.

Get rid of paper. Switch all of your bills and statements to online only put them on autopay if possible. Scan receipts.

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Work on completely digitizing every form of receipt, bill, statement, etc. This save paper and clears clutter for no additional cost.

Take a walk. This is not to mention the ongoing money and stress of things like gas, insurance, upkeep, etc. Few things simplify your life—and save money—like ditching your car. Your health, planet and pocketbook will thank you. Get some budget transforming furniture. There are countless folding tables, sleeper sofas, folding chairs and affordable DIY options that can add tons of utility to a small footprint. Try a sharing system. Maybe you need to use a car once or twice a month, use a Zipcar.

Maybe you have wedding to go to, rent your dress or tux. Why pay full-time salaries and overhead charges for the stuff you only need to perform part-time duty? Consider moving into a smaller home. The amount of stuff we have is not a fixed thing—it expands and contracts depending on the amount of room it has to occupy.

Smaller spaces are cheaper to buy and rent, easier to maintain and have built-in safeguards against accumulating too much stuff, and when laid out right, can have all the utility of a much larger space.

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Wendy, Bono AR. Kingsley Bishop. Many days it will feel like nothing is happening at all. Commit to the process forever. When you self edit, you will be smacked in the head by truth. When those moments come, move immediately.

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Otherwise the old beliefs will sneak back in. Sure, you edit the story in your mind, but then you have to actually do something about it. Action forges the new story and crystallizes belief. During the break you internalize the lazy story. The only way to beat that inner bitch is to show up every day. With each passing day the inner bitch gets weaker and you get stronger. Editing your story only in your mind and then never taking action will result in no change. The old story will remain. They will silently control your actions.

No wonder he was such an asshole. My brain is sending me a false story. Then you put down the donut and go workout. Reframe it again. Rinse and repeat until the story of you, the athlete, is stronger than the story of you the donut aficionado. Some stories are based in reality and others are false. An example from my own life: for a long time I had a story that writing was hard, excruciating work.

This awareness transforms the moment and I go on attacking my work with joy and vigor.

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Robyn and I talk every day about our stories and how to edit them. She helps me edit my stories, and I hers. Zander Robertson is editor-in-chief of the Mantalks blog. Zander believes that the world turns on powerful, raw, and true stories. Like what you saw? Facebook not your thing? Sign up to the ManTalks newsletter. Great post.

I agree that our past thoughts and beliefs can easily be changed if we put in the effort.

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